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MicroProcessor Clock - Details

Assembly Manual
This clock demonstrates a simple single chip microprocessor driven clock for comparison against the TTL clock and the Transistor clock.
In the later stages of the TTL era, single chip microprocessors, or controllers,  such as the 8048 and 8051, were used for simpler circuits when a full blown 8080, 6502, 6809 system would have been too much power, too complex, and therefore too expensive.
This clock uses the modern day version of the 8048, a PIC single chip controller (PIC is a trademark of Microchip Technology Inc.) and I2C bus LED drivers to drive the same LED displays used in the previous clocks.
This is currently the smallest and simplest of the clock series.
uProc clock—about 31 components, about 270 solder joints
TTL clock—about 80 components, about 600 solder joints
Transistor clock—about 1200 components, about 2700 solder joints
The manual (above right) describes the circuit functionality along with full instructions for building it.  You can buy the PC board only, or I recommend buying the whole kit including solder.